Vakhtang Chumburidze

MD, Ph.D., Chief of the Department of Cardiology and Clinical Pharmacology, National Center of Therapy, Deputy Director
Address: 4, Ljubljana Str. 380059 Tbilisi, Georgia.
Phone: (995 32) 986 861- home, 942 544 – office, (995 99) 51 45 45 – mobile.

Membership: Vice-president of Georgian Society of Internal Medicine; Member of the board Georgian Society of cardiology; Member of European Society of cardiology; Member of American Society of HypertensionForms of therapy:

1. Drug therapy of patients with any form arterial hypertension;
2. Drug therapy of patients with chronic ischemic heart disease;
3. Treatment of patients with circulatory insufficiency of any genesis;
4. Treatment of patients with infringement of heart rhythm of any form.

Methods of therapy:

Creation of
Complex clinical and laboratory examination of patients;
Monitoring of arterial pressure;
Ambulant monitoring of ECG;
Ultrasound study;
X-ray diagnostics;
All modification of Stress-tests;
Preparation of a patient for invasive intervention (coronarography, aorta-coronal shunt and so on) and its subsequent monitoring;
an individual scheme of drug therapy and appropriate direction of illness.

Area of scientific interests:

1. Clinic cardiology and clinic pharmacology;
2. Drug Therapy of patients with ischemic heart disease using antianginal and antiarrhythmic drugs, metabolic therapy
3. Treatment of patients with circulatory insufficiency. Investigation of diseases of non-coronary origin (cardiomyopathy and myocarditis);
4. Clinical pharmacology, pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of cardiovascular drugs.

Probable grant projects:

Clinic trials of new drugs in the multicentric, randomized study conditions;
Clinic study of new drugs at any format on the 3rd and 4th stage in the field of cardiology;
Study and introduction of new forms of combined treatment;
Education projects of doctors and patients;
Projects about direction of illness in field of cardiology;
Projects of secondary prevention in cardiology.

Probable investment projects: Secondary (medical) prevention of cardiovascular disease; Optimisation of therapy in cardiology

Biography, education and career.

Born in Tbilisi (Georgia) July 1, 1951. Married, has a child.
1973 – Graduated from Tbilisi State Medical Institute.
1975-1977 – Post graduating course in Moscow Cardiological Center;
1977-1982 – junior researcher in National Center of Therapy;
1985 – Training at the Institute of Blood Circulation, West Germany, Berlin 1985;
1982-1988 – senior researcher in National Center of Therapy;
1987-1988 – Training at the National Institute of heart, Lung and Blood, Bethesda;
1988-1999 – Chief of department in National Center of Therapy;
Since 1999 – Deputy director.

Main scientific publications.

1. Comperison of the antihypertensive safety and efficacy of Biseprolol once daily US Metoprolol b.i.d. A double blind, randomized, controlled, crossover multicentric study (EMD 33512-317), 1994 F.Merk, Darmstadt

2.  Effects of a chronic oral treatment with Laudipine 4/6 mg in hypotensive patients with concomitant ischemic heart disease. A multicentric, multinational, double-blind, Amlodipine-controlled, parallel group phase III study 1996, (LPNP35) Glaxo-Welcome SPA, Verona, Italy

3. Protocol #CVT 3033
Title: A Double-blind, Randomized, Stratified, Placebo-Controlled, parallel study of Ranolizine SR at Doses of 750 mg Twice a Day and 1000 mg Twice a Day in Combination with Other Anti-anginal Medications in Patients with Chronic Stable Angina Pectoris. International Multicenter.

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