A high profitable investment trend – making pistache plantations in Georgia

Pistache international market is growing year by year. This plant is grown in many countries, but Iranian pistache has no competitor by its high quality.

One of the regions of Georgia is geographically lateral part of the Iran-Turkey semi desert. Pistachios  used to grow in this region from ancient times. The local varieties, which are close to Iranian pistaches are characterized by high palatability, and tolerance to local environment.

It is very profitable to invest in pistachio plantations, due to convenient climate conditions and good investing environment.

Though pistachio needs period of time to give yield, the plantations may be projected so that you get profit out of accompanied crops.

We are ready to prepare investment projects for cultivation of semi deserts, including pistachio projects on private and state orders. We have long-term experience and lots of experimental materials in the field. mpifarm@gmail.com;    info@mtv.ge;  tel.: 577 235 400;    299-02-25


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